Sonotechique Takes Digitear Across Canada

TNR Distribution LLC is pleased to announce that AV and Lighting supplier Sonotechnique will be the exclusive distributor of Digitear in Canada. Sonotechique has over 35 years of specializing in location sound, broadcast, recording, post and just about anything related to pro audio, video and lighting – what made them choose Digitear? Co-owner Patrice Delhaes explains “We had a close look at Digitear when TNR brought the product to our office in Montreal. Our team, together with a local film audio specialist, went through the product from top to bottom. What impressed us most was that Digitear is so quick and easy to set up and use in both studio and mobile settings, especially when compared to other intercoms and wireless in-ear systems.  We’re excited to introduce this advanced intercom solution to our broadcast and production partners across Canada.”

“For TNR Distribution LLC, Sonotechnique’s combination of excellent reputation, expertise and their presence in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver made them a natural choice for Canadian distribution.” says Brian Thompson, CEO, TNR Distribution LLC.  “We’re truly looking forward to working together to bring Digitear to Canada’s broadcast and production professionals!”.

Digitear wireless in-ear prompter at NAB 2018 Las Vegas

The reliable, time-saving, flexible, quality InEar solution for TV broadcast production

Andernos les Bains, France, January 2018;
Overline Systems introduces Digitear to North America at the NAB Show April 7-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre (Booth C1336). Designed specifically for the challenges of on-air TV broadcast production, Digitear is an elegant and robust in-ear prompting system by Overline Systems of France – 30 year veterans of intercom system design for broadcast and production.

“Digitear overcomes the persistent reported problems of current wireless in-ear prompting systems including their limited range and reliability, the complexity of frequency mapping, and on-air talent complaints of poor intelligibility and low-volume levels. We’re pleased with European broadcasters’ embrace of Digitear since the product’s introduction last year at IBC and we’re excited to now introduce it to North America at NAB.” says Gérard Lombard, Founder, Overline-Systems.

A Digitear system consists of 2 nano-size isolating InEar monitors and a corresponding Pocket Controller per presenter. A single 19” TX-Box supports up to 8 independent presenter channels via 5GHz Wifi (up to 32 independent channels interconnected). Each TX box supports unlimited Wifi AccessPoint Wifi antennas connected to the TX box (POE). Alternatively, the system can be integrated to utilize an existing Wifi network. Elegant and intelligent design makes Digitear both engineering and talent-friendly, delivering superior performance including 150’ range per access-point, automated pairing, and 15 kHz frequency response @ up to110dB for superior intelligibility.

Brian Thompson, CEO
TNR Distribution LLC
(805) 794-7130